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MHS 2015-16 Reflections Art Winners


5) State Level Winners?

            These compete at the National competition next.



4) District Level Winners

            These compete at the CA State PTA competition next.


MHS District Level Winners

Photography Megan Bills

Photography Madeline Masinsin       



3) Council Levels Winners

            These compete at the January district level competition.


MHS Council Level Winners

Visual Arts     Stacey Lopez

                       Kevin Nguyen

                        Michaela Payan

                       Kelsie Nakasone


Photography Madeline Masinsin

                       Jarod Parrish

                       Skylar Goodwin

                       Megan Bills


Literature       Summayah Wasseem

                              Elizabeth Herripertad




2) School Level Winners

            All Winners at the school level judging competed at the Council Level. 


MHS School Winners

Visual Arts:       Stacey Lopez

                          Kevin Nguyen

                          Michaela Payan

                          Kelsie Nakasone


Photography:   Madeline Masinsin

                          Jarod Parrish

                          Skylar Goodwin

                          Megan Bills


Literature:         Summayah Wasseem

                          Elizabeth Herripertad


MHS School Honorable Mention

Visual Arts: Emily Watters and Jacob Koressel

Photography: David Rowlands, Jessie Oreth, and Sarah Pascuel



1) School Level Participants

            Winners at the school level judging move up and compete at the Council Level. 


MHS School Participants

Elizabeth Harripersad      11      Literature               Butterfly

Summayah Waseem        9        Literature               The Imagination World

Megan Bills                      11      Photography          Innocent Imagination

Jasmine Bixler                 11      Photography          Daydream in Space

Jonathon Brady               11      Photography          Was it a Dream?

Jamie Gavino                   12      Photography          The Universal Eye

Skylar Goodwin               12      Photography          Dazed in a Corn Maze

Maxwell Guy                    12      Photography          Beyond the Bird

Bailey Huerta                    12      Photography          See the Possibilities

Graeme Jackson              12      Photography          Make it to the Top

Karina Lee                       11      Photography          The Inbetween

Madeleine Masinsin         12      Photography          Dreaming Reality

Amanda Jo McGregor      12      Photography          Eye Imagine the Fly

Ella Mitchell                     11      Photography          The Branch of Life

Lexi Nardoni                    11      Photography          Reading

Hope Nepstad                  11      Photography          What's Up?

Wehida Niazi                    12      Photography          Freedom Fly

Jessie Oretta                   11      Photography          The Journey

Jared Parrish                   12      Photography          Find Your Wings

Sarah Pascual                  12      Photography          Dreamland

Dylan Peiser                    12      Photography          Up Top

Becky Schuberg              12      Photography          Pink Palmtrees

Michaela Shields              12      Photography          Dance in Flight

Jake Simons                    11      Photography          The Light Through the Dark

Kayla Stafford                  12      Photography          Painted Skies

Jenna Stewart                  12      Photography          Soarin'

Jill Sullivan                     12      Photography          Head in the Clouds

Mary Toomey                   11      Photography          The Pallination of Creativity

Haley Vogel                      12      Photography          Joy

Emily Watters                  12      Photography          Sailboats

Jose   Castaneda             12      Visual Arts             Space Man

Brooke Cusick                 10      Visual Arts             Monster Tea Party

Dakota Klienbach             12      Visual Arts             Teamsesh Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Jacob Koressel                12      Visual Arts             Sky and Sunset

Juan Lopez                      12      Visual Arts             Dream Space

Stacey Lopez                   12      Visual Arts             Whirl World

Michael Melendez            12      Visual Arts             Intergalactic Imagination

Payan Michaela               12      Visual Arts             Letting Thoughts Free

Kelsie Nakasone              12      Visual Arts             Innocence

Kevin Nguyen                  12      Visual Arts             Imagination, Innovation

Poveda Shariliz                11      Visual Arts             The Pursuit of Happiness

Daniel Stuhr                     12      Visual Arts             Good Vibes Makes Good Times

Emily  Watters                  12      Visual Arts             Doves of Thought

David Rowlands               12      Visual Arts             God's Seat


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