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MHS Reflections 2019 Winners

Congratulations to the artists of the top four entries in each category, earning the “Award of Excellence”:

Visual Arts:

• Aly Moacanin, “Out of My Head”
• Amber Cavallaro, “Headspace”
• Gabriella Pimentel, “Divided”
• Tessa Wilford, “City Scape”


• Michael Andresen, “Dusted Trinket”
• Kevin Volkov, “Monster from Miller Park”

Film Production:

• Carly Sutton, “A Look Within My Life”

Honorable Mention, Visual Arts Entries:

• Amelia Estevev, “Inner Growth”
• Christopher Preap, “What I See is Me”
• Estefani Gutierrez, “A Peek into Paradise”
• Adriana Lopez Jaquez, “Goddess of the Underworld”

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